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The Friends of St. Andrew’s Jerusalem & Tiberias offer a wonderful opportunity for a theology student or minister, studying in Scotland and having links with the Church of Scotland, who wish to enrich their studies by visiting the Holy Land. 

An annual scholarship, currently up to £2,000, supports this. Level of qualification and age hold no barrier. 

The expectation is that the scholarship awarded by The Friends of St Andrews will be relevant to your studies and/or your ministry and a full description of the benefit it will provide should accompany the application. 

Projects should engage with the work and worship of St Andrew’s in Jerusalem and Tiberias, and with the parter organisations of the Church of Scotland and ecumenical contacts they liaise with.

Help and guidance needed? The team of The Friends of St Andrew’s Jerusalem & Tiberias are on hand to enable you to make the most of this opportunity through their myriad of contacts and suggestions. If your application is successful, you will be given full support in the planning and booking of your study visit.

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Have an interest in learning more about the work of the Church of Scotland and its partners in Israel and Palestine

Would benefit from engagement with the Church and organisations in their studies

Would be willing to share experiences with your congregation and the wider Church of Scotland community

We are looking for people who:
Trish Archibald, Scholar 2023

My first time in the Holy Land was in June 2022 I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel for a week in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory with fellow Trinity and New College ministry candidates. While there, we visited many breath-taking biblicalsites. We also had the privilege of visiting Tent of Nations, Wi’am, Sindyanna and House of Grace. Each of these four visits were powerful, moving, and insightful.

I decided to apply for the scholarship to allow me to go back and spend time with two of our partners. To say I was delighted to receive the award is an understatement! With out the scholarship this trip would have been impossible for me.

Joe Nockels, Scholar 2023

I applied to The Friends' scholarship programme to attend The Sabeel-Kairos young adult conference; to better understand Palestine, beyond the theoretical underpinnings I'd gained during my university studies of the history and occupation. This experience made me realise that the most I could do was listen, instead of coming back knowing a solution to the occupation - something I naively expected to get a grasp of. 

The Friends' award also enabled me to make real connections with the Church of Scotland partners - especially House of Grace and Sindyanna. This allowed me to hear from those with real experience of the realities of the occupation, as well as partake in rich Palestinian culture firsthand. It was a unique experience and broadened my view of the region. I'm now attempting to learn Arabic, after being taught some conversation language by Church of Scotland partners. Thank you, Friends!

Find out more about Sabeel-Kairos here

Joe Nockel
Talah Anderson
University of Oxford DPhil student. Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
“I will be eternally grateful to the Friends for providing me with an experience that I will always see as a great turning point in my life.”
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible within its ancient Near Eastern context
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