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Application Form

About you

Your studies/ministry and experience

Why should we select you?

The expectation in gaining a scholarship is that it will be used by you to undertake a course of study, or ministry/exploration, formal or informal, within the Holy Land, and which will directly enhance your studies or ministry here in Scotland.  There is also an expectation that your project will benefit the work of the ministers in St Andrew's Jerusalem and Tiberias, and / or the partner organisations that the Church of Scotland supports there.  In the past, Scholars have spent between two and four weeks in the region during their summer vacation, but over the years a great variety of topics have been researched each requiring different timescales.

When will you go?

How much will it cost?

Flights and accommodation will be arranged and paid for by The Friends, but extra incidental costs will be your responsibility.

Further grants may be available from University bursaries and other organisations for projects such as this. Would you be prepared to make applications for further funding? 

What next?

Should you be considered as a suitable candidate, a mutually convenient date and time will be arranged for interview. Interviews will preferably be held in person, in Edinburgh, giving you the opportunity to expand your ideas and ask questions. Online is also a considered option. Please let us know which would work best for you.

What else do we need to know?

If you are a student applicant, a letter of support from your supervisor, confirming the significance and aims of your proposed visit for your studies, would add substance to your application.  Please can you forward this under separate cover to:

Please supply details of two referees who will be contacted prior to your interview. At least one of these should be someone that knows you in a professional capacity through your studies or ministry:


a) If successful in your application, you will be required to join The Friends as a Member at the current rate of subscription (£20 per annum).


b) You will be expected to make the Church of Scotland’s St Andrew’s Guest House in Jerusalem, or accommodation in Tiberias as recommended by the Minister, as your base. However, it is recognised your project may require you to stay elsewhere in the Holy Land for all or part of your time there.


c) Once the scholarship has been awarded you will be expected to liaise with the Resource and Presence Team (Faith Action Forum) and the Minister of St Andrew’s Jerusalem and/or the Minister of St Andrew’s Tiberias in order to start planning your visit. Once the details of your project and location(s) have been agreed, you’ll be given an introduction to the main Point of Contact by The Friends. Flights and accommodation will be arranged and paid for by The Friends. Before leaving for the trip, the scholar must provide proof of personal travel/health insurance.

d) Where possible you will be required to attend Sunday services in St Andrew’s and become involved in the life of the church/guesthouse; staff will offer guidance as to how to achieve this.

e) You will be expected to carry out the aim of your scholarship conscientiously and to submit a written report to The Friends on your return to the UK. 

f) You should be prepared to attend The Friends’ AGM (generally in May) the year after your visit, to present a verbal report.

g) You are expected to become an active member of The Friends for a term of at least three years after your trip to the Holy Land.  How you can best help us will be discussed if you are successful at the interview process and may include being prepared to give talks and presentations about your project to churches and other relevant groups.


h) If you are unable to take up the scholarship for any reason, you will be expected to repay any funds you have received in advance of your trip.

If selected, I agree to abide by the Conditions of the Scholarship which I have read and understand.

If there’s anything you’d like to know or discuss, then please contact us on


Please return your application by email to:


This form will be assumed to be signed if submitted online.

Thank you for your application

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