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Friends, please join together to pray for peace

This prayer comes from the Convener of The Friends of St Andrew's Jerusalem & Tiberias,, the Very Rev Andrew McLellan. As Friends, let us join together to keep the Ministers and their congregations in our prayers during these very troubled times.

Lord Jesus Christ, lord of life in the kingdom of death, when can we stop praying for peace?

We will not stop while your sisters and brothers hate and kill. We will not stop while your children are wounded beyond repair. We will not stop when your earth is ravaged by fire and bomb. We will not stop praying “Your kingdom come; your will be done” until that promised day comes when the killing stops and the hurting stops and all can live in peace.

So hear our prayers today for Palestinians and Israelis, for Jews and Christians and Muslims, for those with cruelty and violence in their hearts, and those whose hearts are broken. Hear our prayers for Stewart and Muriel and their congregation. Hear our prayers for those we know and love; and hear our prayers for those whose names we do not know.

Lord Jesus Christ, lord of life in the kingdom of death, hear our prayers, and use our prayers to bring peace.

2023.10.07 Prayer for Peace
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