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B'tselem - Sarit Michaeli's talk and their 2024 message.

If you missed the very powerful presentation in November (held by The Friends and Christian Aid) with Sarit Michaeli of B'tselem, you can still watch it here.

Meantime, we're pleased to share this timely and wise message from B'tselem - just received.

‘More than 100 days have passed since the terrible events of October 7th and the horrific war that broke out in their aftermath. Our team and board – Jews and Palestinians, citizens of Israel and residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – are dealing with the various aspects of this horrendous reality while upholding our basic guiding principle: that all human beings were created in God’s image (“b’tselem Elohim”). We have denounced deliberate harm to civilians on both sides and called for their protection. Among other things we directed this call to the international community. We will continue to act in this spirit in 2024.’


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