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A New Year's message from Andrew McLellan, our Convener

On Christmas Day at least six different people sent me a sermon. The same sermon. The minister of Bethlehem’s Lutheran Christmas Church, Rev Munther Isaac, preached on “Christ in the Rubble”. “If Jesus were to be born today”, he said, “he would be born under the rubble in Gaza”.

We have already drawn attention to the sermon and to a Christmas message from Dr Isaac on The Friends’ Facebook page. You need to hear this sermon. And to hear it again. It is a terrible judgment on the West, and a terrible judgment on Western Christians. To those who are not appalled by what is happening, Isaac said “there is something wrong with your humanity” adding that “Gaza today has become the moral compass of the world.”

The most bitter words are “We are tormented by the silence of the world.” “Let it be clear: Silence is complicity, and empty calls for peace without a ceasefire and end to occupation, and the shallow words of empathy without direct action—are all under the banner of complicity.”

The sermon of Munther Isaac is not what we want at the beginning of a New Year. But it is what we need. You can find the link here


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